The rSa

, popularité : 35%

3 million households are eligible :

  • 1.4 million who currently receive the RMI or API ;
  • roughly 2 million low-income workers.

The rSa is designed to meet three goals :

  • encourage people to enter or return to the labour market, by guaranteeing them a lasting improvement in income ;
  • reduce poverty by providing recipients with a decent income ;
  • improve social support and occupational reintegration.

The rSa is a new benefit that supersedes two existing basic welfare payments, the revenu minimum d’insertion (minimum unemployment benefit - RMI) and the allocation de parent isolé (single-parent allowance - API). It also replaces temporary payments for welfare recipients who return to work (prime de retour à l’emploi, prime forfaitaire de retour à l’emploi bonuses and the intéressement proportionnel system of benefits combined with part-time work).

In practice, the rSa is :

  • a payment that supplements earned income for recipients who are working (including those on contrats aidés - subsidised contracts) but whose income falls below the acceptable threshold for their family situation ;
  • a minimum payment that supersedes the revenu minimum d’insertion (minimum dole - RMI) and the allo¬cation de parent isolé (single-parent allowance - API) for beneficiaries who are unemployed.

… plus support services Recipients who are unemployed or who earn very low salaries are eligible for social and occupational support, to help them find jobs or improve their skills.

THE rSa :

  • encourages people to work ;
  • boosts low incomes earned from employment ;
  • provides individual support for recipients ;
  • simplifies the system of welfare benefits.

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